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Get to know your new NDIS Plan in few steps

Updated: Jan 6

An NDIS plan is a document that consists of information about yourself, your support goals, and the amount of funding, you need to achieve your stated goals.

Your first plan is a testimony of the start of your relationship with the NDIS. With time, your plan changes as per changes occurring in your life. NDIS plan is unique to everyone.

If you have landed on this blog topic page because you have either received your first new NDIS plan or are expecting to receive one, the information below can help you get your head around your NDIS plan and create an understanding of it for the different sections within, making it simpler - which could often be confusing for many.

So what is an NDIS plan?

Your NDIS plan is drawn up after a discussion with you in your planning meeting with the NDIS planner, your representative or family member, and your support coordinator (if you have one).

The NDIS plan will have 3 major sections:

1. Information about me – referred to as the "Profile section"

This section provides basic information like who you are, where you live, who are the people providing support to you in your daily life, your disability, etc. This section also includes information describing your informal support network and how you are currently supported by - family and friends, and other services (mainstream), education system, and other community services under the following categories -

Informal supports

This section includes information about the support you get from family and friends that is not funded by NDIS but will complement with NDIS-funded supports to help you work towards your goals and achieve positive outcomes.

Community supports

Section contacting information about services and supports you receive that may be funded by other community or government services, including health, libraries, and public transport.

Mainstream supports