What is NDIS Plan Management

NDIS plan management is one way of managing your NDIS plan budget. This is an accounting related service provided by an external plan manager. The plan manager must be registered provider with NDIA. Once you choose this option to manage your NDIS Plan, your plan manager becomes responsible for your NDIS service related bills and payments and helps assist you in keeping track of your NDIS Budget. 


How does NDIS Plan Management Work?

In NDIS, every service that you receive from your choosen service provider, an Invoice will be generated. This Invoice will be sent to your plan manager for payment.  Each time your Invoice is paid, a claim is lodged by your plan manager on the NDIS portal and funds are drawn from the pool of funds from your NDIS plan budget. 


For your plan funds to be utilised effectively and evenly for a period of one year (typical life span of NDIS plan); the total services you commit to and receive for the length of your NDIS plan, should be in line with the funds within your NDIS plan budget. This makes it important for your account to be regularly monitored and tracked each time a payment is made to a service providers. 


NDIS Plan Managers can be of a great assistance as they not only ensure that your Invoice payment are done on time, but a good plan manager will also keep track of your spending, accurtely do record keeping of all your expenses and must provide you a montly report for your spendings. 

With Plan Management built in your plan, there are certainly some advantages. With this mode of plan management you are able to choose both registered and unregistered support providers, still having full control over your funding. Infact this option gives you greater flexibility and more choices in terms of the NDIS service providers that you may choose from.

Your Ideal Plan Manager will - 

Support you to understand your NDIS plan and funding


Have right Tools & Expertise, must understand Disability Needs

Your Ideal NDIS plan manager will- 


Be Readily Available and accessible

Be Friendly & Ready to answer your queries, whenever you need 


Reduce your stress of managing your NDIS plan budget 

Our Aim At ELS

As NDIS plan managers our aim is simple - we want you to be confident, comfortable and stress free when it comes to management of your NDIS plan funding and expenses.



We tend to take away all your stress and worry. We do this by being present whenever you have a query so that you dont have to use a piece of technology or complex portals or electronic forms to find your answers.


Our payment guarantee mean we pay all Invoices within 3 business days and we are proud of our fast response time. We have sophisticated tools and experts who constantly monitor and track your plan spendings. We keep our reporting simple and report you every month. Remember we are just a phone call away.


We at ELS are very proud to be highly supportive to our exisitng clients. Our service quality is highly rated by our current clients.



Our clients are very satisfied with our person centered approach in solving all of their plan or payment related queries. 

Different ways you can manager NDIS plan

During your NDIS planning meeting, you may be asked to choose few ways manage your plan 


There are four possibilities as below, and you are free to choose one of them -

  • Plan management: Your NDIS funding is allocated in a way that a plan management Organisation provides with the support to manage your plan’s financial transactions. You get the flexibility to choose both NDIS registered and unregistered service providers. You have a helping hand for all the paperwork, and you have total choice and control.

  • NDIA managed: This option enables you to choose only NDIA registered providers, providers claim directly from NDIA. This means that most of the paperwork is handled for you by the Agency and tracking of expenses in your plan is something you may find tedious.

  • Self‐managed: This option has the most paperwork, but provides the most flexibility. You directly manage the funds and are responsible for all transactions. You may choose to employ support staff directly and do all the financial transactions or pay an Organisation of your choice to do this on your behalf.


  • Combination: A combination of the above three options can be used together.

We can support you the way you like, no job is small for us

The NDIS is all about giving you choice and control.


We are here as your ideal plan manager in whatever capacity you need us – be that taking care of administration and accounting of your ndis plan behind the scenes, or standing right beside you as you map out a plan to achieve your goals. 

You can draw on our experience to help:

  • Identify and select support workers or service providers

  • Negotiate service agreements with your providers

  • Arrange service contracts with providers

  • Manage the financial and administrative side of your plan


Speak to our Friendly staff today for all your NDIS plan related needs on 1300 323 399.

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