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Community Nursing Care

Compassionate, friendly, and professional support by Registered and trained nurses.

Our team of Registered Nurses are qualified and experienced and available to support you when you need the care.

We at ELS aim to provide professional and friendly nursing care to ndis participants and those who are elderly living in their own homes and prefer to pay privately having no or limited funding for care services.


We are ndis registered provider for nursing and home care services.

At ELS we believe that there is no other place like home, so our flexible in-home nursing support services are designed to keep you in the comfort of your own home, whilst receiving the nursing care you need.

We aim to provide holistic care where our clients feel well-supported by a friendly and supportive care team.  

ELS team of nurse practitioners specialize in community nursing and can provide clinical in-home support.

Whether you require ongoing clinical support or a one-off visit, ELS can organize a community nurse to attend to you in your home. Our trained Registered Nurse can provide you the support for medical needs such as wound care, IV therapy, ostomy care, and other services that require clinical skills.

What is private nursing care at home?

Private Nursing Care at home provides skilled, specialized healthcare in your own home. The home care services can be for the short-term to support you or your loved ones with postoperative wound care or it could be for the long-term management of medications and chronic conditions.


Unlike inpatient nursing, which may require hospital stays, or traditional outpatient care, requiring a visit to clinicians, home care services bring the desired level of healthcare support directly to you.

Very simply, private nursing care at home at home is either to administer urgent short-term treatment or to have an ongoing role in overseeing chronic clinical care needs. A Private Nurse makes an important addition to your or your loved one’s Caregiving Team, as it can give the needed peace of mind of receiving the best possible private home care.

Thus, by preventing the need to travel to a doctor’s office or a hospital, Caregivers and nurses working together can lead to fewer hospitalizations. This also helps reduce the risk of exposure to major infections and the subsequent development of life-threatening illnesses. This may also reduce the premature need for an expensive nursing home placement.


We can also provide on-call nursing support when required.

As a registered NDIS provider offering personal care and self-care support services to ndis participants, we often find that when people request in-home nursing care, our highly experienced and professional Caregivers can perform most of the necessary duties, while a Registered Nurse can then assist with complex clinical tasks as required. This team-based approach delivers the most holistic and cost-effective care.

What is clinical nursing care?

Nurse with older man

Our registered nurses can collaborate with you, your GP, allied health professionals and your loved ones to draw up an individualized care/service plan. By forming an effective support plan, we ensure that it meets your needs and goals adequately. We ensure that the clinical staff we send to you are registered nurses and are friendly, highly professional, experienced, reliable, attentive, and compassionate so that you feel well supported.


Our in-home clinical nursing services include:

  • Assessments

  • Medication Management

  • Wound Care

  • Catheter Care

  • Continence

  • Intravenous Therapy

  • Enteral Feeding

What is the Difference Between Personal Care or Self Care and Nursing Care?

Personal care or Self-care includes personalized support that helps you accomplish daily activities such as eating, grooming, and toileting. This support is provided by an experienced carer who is trained through a certification program.


While Nursing Care, on the other hand, is provided by a university-graduated and trained Registered Nurse, who can work with you or your loved one’s team to provide skilled nursing care. Our Community Nursing service could include assessing needs, planning treatment, administering medication, and other medical services as required.

Older man with nurse

Benefits of private nursing care at home

According to the Australian Government Aged Care Roadmap produced in 2016 most people want to remain in their own homes for as long as possible and our home care nursing program makes this a possibility.


In-home care nursing is an integral part of ELS service delivery, thoughtfully designed to meet your specific medical and individual needs every step of the way. We understand how important it is for you to maintain your sense of independence and feel comfortable with the care being provided to you every day.


We can develop a home care nursing program suitable to your timings, to ensure you can continue your relationships with your family members and circle of friends in the comfort of your own home.  


The benefits of our in-home nursing care include:

  • Accessible, flexible, on-time care that accommodates your schedule.

  • Integrative medical care for yourself and your network

  • Friendly clinicians - genuinely passionate about addressing your healthcare concerns.


Our Nursing care team can be available when you need them. From scheduled nursing visits to hourly care, we can arrange community nursing support to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We work with your medical and allied health team to ensure you’re receiving the highest level of professional support care that you require.


It’s our mission to make sure you can continue to live in the comfort of your own home while still receiving the love and support you need.

How do we select our staff for nursing and care support?

Medical Consultation

ELS in- Home Nursing Care offers sophisticated and individualized in-home nursing care and support.

We are committed to the administration of excellent personal care and self-care support along with in-home nursing care.

We employ highly trained nurse practitioners with years of experience, including certified clinical and community nurses.

Our goal is to set a schedule that works best for you, design a model of care around your needs and budget and ensure you can continue living the life you want.

Unlike Personal Care or Companion Care services, private nurses are fully qualified to provide one-on-one clinical care. Getting nursing help at home means increased convenience, comfort, privacy, and safety.

Our Registered Nurses are university-qualified and are available whenever you need them- 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They work with you or your loved one’s medical team to coordinate their treatment and support.

Our care services team will note your preferences and select an Enrolled Nurse or Registered Nurse that suits your personal needs best so that your one-on-one care will be as pleasant and as enjoyable as possible

What type of nursing services can we offer?

As part of our home care nursing services, you have the freedom to maintain your optimal health around familiar sights, including family, and friends with our health professionals. All our Registered Nurses and Enrolled Nurses are carefully selected to match your personal needs, cultural match and other interests.


Ranging from low to very high levels of care, our nurses will support you, whether that be around-the-clock 24/7 care or hourly care to assist with injections or continence and catheter management, whatever your needs require our home care nursing team will make sure you are as comfortable as possible in your surroundings.

What is the process to get nursing care at home?

The process of receiving clinical nursing care is simple and we support our clients every step of the way, so they feel supported and remain in control of all their decisions.

If you’re ready to explore ELS as an option for your nursing care at home, reach out to a member of the ELS team by calling 1300 323 399.


During the initial discussions, we may gather all of the information we require to customize your clinical nursing care plan to meet your needs.

If you would like to make an online referral, you can do so by clicking here.

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