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  • Are we NDIS Registered?
    Yes, we are an approved, registered NDIS provider
  • What NDIS Supports do we provide?
    We specialise in Plan Management, Support Coordination, SIL & ILO. Check OUR SERVICE page to find out more about the services that we can provide.
  • What are the contact details of the NDIS Plan manager at ELS?
    If you are a new participant, email us on If you are a service provider, enquiring to send your invoices to us for a mutual client, send your invoices to If you are already a client of ELS receiving plan management service and enquiring on our details because your provider has asked you for one, it is as below - Plan Manager: Envisioning Life Supports Contact Email: Contact Number: 1300 323 399 (Admin) NDIS Registration: 40 5011 1020 ABN Number: 23 654 844 407
  • Can ELS Plan Managers help me contact the NDIA to change my plan from agency-managed to plan-managed?
    If you would like to change to a plan-managed plan, you should contact your NDIA planner or LAC to inquire whether a soft touch review can be conducted to change your agency-managed plan to one that is plan-managed. Unfortunately, ELS Plan Manager can’t do this for you, but we can help you with what you need to ask for.
  • Do I have to pay any out-of-pocket fees for services at ELS?
    If you are an NDIS participant, and if you have an active NDIS plan, with the relevant support category funded that you are enquiring for today - you will pay no out of pocket fees to us as we are NDIS approved
  • Is there a limit to the charges that ELS quotes for its services?
    Yes, our service charges will not exceed the price rates stipulated in the NDIS price guide
  • What if I am yet to be approved for NDIS funding, can I still receive your services?"
    If you do not receive NDIS funding, or are in the process, ring us to discuss how we can assist.
  • What are the few things I can ask a provider to ensure that they are a better fit to provide me with a good service?
    A few things that you can check with the service provider are as below - Whether they are registered with NDIS? (if you are self or plan managing, you can choose unregistered providers as well) What is their experience in providing the service? Whether they screen their support staff properly, and if so how? What is their process to understand a client's needs so that support can be tailored to fit requirements? Is their service agreement easy to understand and outlines all support details?
  • What is the NDIS participant portal?
    The NDIS participant portal is where you can get all the required information relating to your NDIS Plan, such as the budget, spending and service bookings of service providers you receive services from. To get this access, you may have to request a linking code to NDIA. This may be provided to you electronically, over the phone or sent via mail. Once received you can then create or login to mygov and link up NDIA as an agency with your mygov to access the participant portal.
  • How long do my NDIS support plan last for?
    Your plan will last for 1 year to 2 years depending on your circumstance and situation. Your NDIS plan expiry is stated within your plan document. You can always ask for a plan review early if there is a change in your circumstance. Ring 1800 800 110 (NDIS helpline).
  • What if I need to change or review my plan and I have still 6 months left on my plan?
    You can speak to your support coordinator or ring NDIA directly on 1800 800 110 and explain to them your requirements.
  • What is the difference between plan managed and agency managed plan?
    In agency managed category, you can choose and receive services from Agency registered Organisations/companies only. That means you may have reduced flexibility in terms of choosing the providers. Registered providers provide you the services and then directly claim from NDIA portal.
  • What is the difference between self-managing and plan managing my NDIS plan?
    If your plan is a self-managed plan, you will be responsible for all payments, budget tracking and record keeping. If your plan is set for Plan Managed, there will be a plan manager company that will make the payments of NDIS services for you and will report you the budget tracking and record keeping. This category still gives you the flexibility to choose between registered and non-registered providers
  • What is the difference between self-managed plan and an agency managed plan?​
    In Self-managed plan the providers you choose for support provision can be both registered and unregistered providers. It gives you greater flexibility. In this model you will have to make claims from NDIA portal on your own and pay to the service providers. You may have to keep track of budgets and must keep records for the expenses.
  • Can I hire providers that are not registered with NDIA?
    Yes, only for the provision of supports with in your plan, that are stated as plan managed or self-managed. That means you must be either self-managing your NDIS Plan or you may have a plan manager, in order for you to use Non registered providers
  • Can the workers or companies that are non-NDIS registered follow NDIS price guide rates?
    NDIS Price guide benchmarks are strictly applicable to registered NDIS providers. While choosing or selecting non registered providers, prices may vary based on type of service and agreement between parties however it is best to check the price guide to get an idea of the indicative unit price and negotiate the prices at or below the NDIS price guide benchmark.
  • What is the minimum that I can do to ensure the safety and quality of my supports if I am self-managing my plan?
    Ensure that you check and employ workers who have all the necessary screening and checks done. Expect your workers you hire maintain currency of checks by renewing their checks at the expiry. It is the requirement for all registered and unregistered providers to fully comply to NDIS code of conduct at all times.
  • Do I have to follow the workers screening process if I am self or plan managing my NDIS plan?
    Yes, it is advisable and is a best practice to ask for a worker screening check (police check) or any other checks applicable under relevant state law. This practice provides you with the peace of mind in employing right candidate and ensuring safety while receiving services.
  • What if I have a complaint for my service?
    Organisations have their own process of handling complaints. As part of NDIS registration all NDIS Service providers must comply with NDIS rules and act promptly to complaints. In case if you are still unhappy with the outcome after the provider have dealt with your complaint you can always go to ndis or external agency for further help. Your current provider must support you to escalate the complaint to NDIS commission.
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