Our Founding Story

ELS - A new beginning...

I grew up in a culture that highly values serving people. Respecting the elderly and supporting people in need, is my upbringing and hence an integral part of my value system.


The purpose of my life became more clearer to me in the year 2010 when I lost my Grand Father. In those days, I was a University student and was very busy with studies. Hence, I couldn't spend much time supporting him in his last stages of life.

It was a very sad feeling, that made me re-question my existence. I perceived a Vision, that was to support people who are elderly and people with special needs - "A prayer I made while I embarked my first overseas Journey for studies".

With the passing of time - my desire to contribute and support humanity grew stronger and I worked hard to nurture my thoughts. Alongside studying and working in the disability and aged care sector, I was actively finding opportunities to volunteer and to freely support local community people, people with disabilities, and seniors in my own time.


Excelling in the area of Aged Care and Disability and having gained knowledge, wisdom, and experience in leading people and teams, I learned to transform my thoughts into reality. 


In March 2013 the NDIS legislation was passed and the NDIS Act 2013 was formed, with the establishment of the Scheme and the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). NDIS was a radical change introduced to Australians, reinvigorating our perceptions of disability and giving people with disabilities total freedom, choice, and control.


As NDIS started rolling out through its trial sites, I realized that my dream and passion to support people was perfectly aligned to the principles and promises that NDIS was making. I was sure at that time, being ready for a good change in my life and that was to start ELS. My friends supported me and fed me the needed confidence and I am very thankful to all my friends.

As I progressed in my venture with ELS, I met people who were like-minded and formed our team. We all are very passionate about valuing and serving people. Each of them has a story to tell with a humble heart and a great attitude to serve.


As they say - "A good start is all that is needed - God creates the way"

Our Journey continues...


Today, I am proud to post this story for ELS, with a strong desire to work towards a bright future for ELS and with a good hope that we will bring the ELS vision alive.                                                   


Author - Shoeb Patel

Founder - Envisioning Life Supports

ELS Founder Profile Photo

Shoeb describes himself as -


A Visionary, A Founder, A Manager, having extensive experience in Disability & Aged Care, and has a strong academic background in Aged Care Management, Business studies and General Management.

Highly Skilled in Not-for-profit’s Administration, Business & Finance, Audit compliance, Project management, Volunteer Management and Mentoring teams. 

Extremely passionate about creating a society that includes, values and amplifies the voice of people with disabilities and Frail aged.

Interested in developing ambitious service delivery models and sustainable organisational structures in public health sector.