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A National NDIS Worker screening check is underway, what to expect?

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

NDIA commission is working on a central register for a new system of screening NDIS workers. It was meant to be active since July this year however as per the new updates the register will be available across all states and territories starting 1 February 21.

We made the below Q&A format can give some highlight for what this new screening looks like, who is it for and how would the screening work, once it will be fully implemented.

As stated by Commission, once this check is implemented nationally, the NDIS Worker Screening Check will be a single national clearance for workers providing NDIS services and supports

What will be the advantages of this New National Worker Screening Check?

This will reduce paperwork for workers and employers and increase safety for participants.

This provides a required level of safeguarding for NDIS participants

Also, Registered NDIS providers will need to ensure that workers in risk assessed roles have an appropriate NDIS Worker Screening Check as it is a mandatory requirement of NDIS provider registration.

Who will require this new screening?

Disability Support Staff, Key Personnel and Workers in risk assessed roles will be required to have an NDIS Worker Screening clearance.

Which roles are determined as risk assessed roles?

Registered providers are responsible for identifying which roles in their organisation are risk-assessed.

Risk assessed roles are:

  • key personnel roles

  • roles for which the normal duties include the direct delivery of specified supports or specified services to a person with disability

  • roles for which the normal duties are likely to require more than incidental contact with people with disability. Contact includes physical contact, face-to-face contact, oral communication, written communication and electronic communication.

Self-managed participants and unregistered providers will be able to request that workers providing NDIS services and supports have an NDIS Worker Screening Check and may choose to only receive services from providers with a worker screening clearance.

What are the deadlines for NDIS Worker Screening Check to start in my state or territory?

A clear deadline is still not available however it is published that All states and territories will commence the NDIS Worker Screening Check soon

Until this time, interim arrangements are in place in all states and territories except for Western Australia.

A good thing for the workers having existing check is that they are only required to have this new screening check once their existing check expires.

A fee is payable for this check however the exact fee payable is not known at this stage.

How to apply for an NDIS Worker Screening Check

Workers providing NDIS disability support and services to registered providers, unregistered providers and self-managed participants will be able to apply for a NDIS Worker Screening Check through their local state or territory. This State and territory agencies yet not known, are responsible for accepting and processing NDIS Worker Screening Check applications from workers, and will undertake risk assessments to determine whether a worker receives a clearance.

Some important points to be eligible for application -

1. Workers must prove their identity for their application to proceed.

2. NDIS employer will be nominated by worker when applying.

3. The employer will then need to verify the worker is employed by them for the purposes of delivering NDIS services and supports. The application will not proceed to assessment until the employer has verified the application.

NDIS Worker Screening Database

The NDIS Worker Screening Database is a register that will hold information of workers who have applied for an NDIS Worker Screening Check.

The register will be made accessible for Registered providers via the NDIS Commission Portal to view the clearance status of workers.

Self-managed participants and unregistered providers will also be able to access the NDIS Worker Screening Database; however, they will first need to complete an application form requesting access, which will soon be available.

More information can be obtained from the NDIS Commissions website -

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