NDIS Planning Meeting – worth preparing to avoid delays

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

According to recent outbreak of news on national media, in an NDIS budget hearing Senators were told that more than 1200 people died waiting for an NDIS Plan. This were the people who were assessed eligible for NDIS scheme and were waiting to receive supports.

At a later stage, NDIS minister claimed the estimate provided to be unacceptable and gave reasons to state that people may have passed away but it was not due to waiting for the NDIS supports to start.

The above confusion does pose some questions on standards of the agency and further exploration that whether the delay was from NDIA side in implementation of the plans or whether it was a delay from participant’s side if not in all cases, to submit their disability evidence in time.

Now, considering the very busy nature of agency in carrying a big administration, we have known and experienced, that in some or many cases, participants have to wait longer if they miss on providing required evidence in the first instance and having to reschedule a meeting means more wait time. Also, owing to the size of the agency and different departments involved, it is hard to get the answers straightway from helpline regarding your plan, as the staff at the helpdesk will further refer you to back office planning team who are extremely busy people. These issues are frustrating and undoubtedly putting a person with a disability in a state of confusion, particularly when the person with a disability have a desperate need or having less support from family or friends.

To solve confusions NDIA did create a simple checklist on its webpage that states criteria for a person to qualify and be eligible for the scheme, which is as below -

1. You must be aged between 7 and 65,

2. Living in Australia and have permanent residency

3. Being supported by another person or use a special equipment because of a permanent and significant disability.

NDIA have also published further information on what to expect from the planning meeting and how and what to prepare to take to the meeting for eligibility and to get a plan set subsequently.

However, time delay is definitely an issue with the agency and hence as per an article published on 12 Aug 2019, David Tune was appointed to review NDIS rules and legislations in light of reducing the red tape and wait times for a scheme eligible person to get a new plan and review.

From all above said, the plan building process can take a little longer and the time may vary case by case. Hence, we would recommend our readers to prepare properly prior going to their NDIS planning meetings so that essential evidence gets tabled on the meeting day and the plan process does not take longer. A good evidence is –

  1. Recent document from your treating health professional (including GP) regarding your disability

  2. Official document that confirms your disability and its impact in your life

  3. Describes previous and future treatment options.

Planning is a wonderful process and it is there for a reason hence one should not be intimidated about it. You can always contact us if you require any assistance for your plan meeting or review. Our NDIS experts provide no cost assistance to support you understand NDIS scheme, assist preparation for your NDIS planning meeting so that you get a better life with NDIS

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