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NDIS Plan Management - A Guide for NDIS Providers

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

On 01 October 2020 NDIA finally released much-awaited guidance for NDIS Plan Managers. The guide is available from the NDIS website both in Full and in an easy-read version from this link here

In recent times demand for plan management has grown and 40% of participants now choose to use plan management services.

The release of this Guide by NDIA this October is a vital step that was long anticipated. Finally, a documented version of what is expected of a plan manager and their roles and responsibilities are now further clarified and made public. This guidance will help solve many confusions and help direct the processes a plan manager may have to follow right from the start, during, and at the termination of the plan management service to the NDIS participants.

This guidance will play an important role in not only streamlining the practices amongst nearly 1000 NDIS plan management service providers across Australia but will also help enhance the overall quality of this support category and ultimately improve outcomes for participants.

The main framework that this guide is based on is around -

  • helping participants to understand what to expect from their plan managers

  • explaining the roles, responsibilities, and activities of ndis plan management providers

  • outlining the broader system plan management providers operate under.

​Important takeaways from this guide include -

  • Clarity on setup and ongoing costs for plan management. The guide stated that plan managers must conduct face-to-face, telephonic or online meetings for the initial setup of plan management services.

  • Recording of such meet