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NDIS participants self managing their plans

Updated: May 26, 2020

For NDIS participants, who are self-managing their NDIS Plan; it is often difficult to record & manage their expenses and keep tracking self-managed plan budgets. A right tool can ease up so many things when it comes to funds management. We at ELS are often keen to look for opportunities where we can assist NDIS participants freely. Hence we have created a Free Graphical Excel based tool that can definitely assist an NDIS participant in tracking their NDIS budget for 12 services each year.

This tool can also be helpful to support coordinators who may wish to help build the confidence of participants in learning simple accounting for NDIS plan. The activity can be a great ice breaker for building up the financial management capacity of your client real gradually and the activity may fall under improved life choice support of the participants plan if there is any funding available.

The weblink to straight download the tool is below -

Self Managed Plan - Tracking Tool
Download XLSX • 130KB

Written by Shoeb Patel (Founder & MD at ELS)

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