My NDIS Plan Review

NDIS Plan Review is an important event in people with Disabilities life each year. It is the time when you will be meeting your NDIS planner face to face or online to discuss your needs and support requirements to achieve your future life goals.

Typically, a plan review falls every 12 months after your NDIS plan has started. You will hear from NDIS six-week prior plan expiry for the review however if you do not hear from NDIS then ring 1800 800 110.

We understand, it is sometimes so hard to keep track of time as we live in a busy world. We suggest, marking the expiry date in your digital or paper calendar as soon as you receive your new plan to be reminded each year. The date you will enter to prompt you for the expiry should be set for 1 month before your plan expiry. This can give you ample time to plan things for your next plan review.

Lately we have been receiving many calls from some new participants asking they need a plan review or they are about to have a plan review and what to do within this current covid19 situations.

We guide them and also point them to the NDIS website. NDIS made some easy videos and animations to explain about what to expect and how would be your plan review. These video links are pasted at the end.

So to make it even easier, we thought to make the below simple infographic for participants and family. This table shows visual summary of the next steps or processes for plan review.

NDIS Plan review infographic -

Also, below are some useful weblinks for videos made by NDIS on -

The plan review which can be available from this youtube link -

“Will my plan review be different to last time” relating to Covid 19 change and it is available from youtube link -

Written by – Shoeb Patel

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