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NDIS Plan and Funds Management - In Detail

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

About NDIS

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is an Initiative by the Australian Government to assist people with disabilities to live a normal life. NDIS does this by providing a funding source for people with disabilities in order to purchase the supports and services that help them achieve their short-term and long-term goals and empowers them to live independent life. NDIS refers to a person with a disability as a “Participant”.

NDIS plan is a document that contains comprehensive information about participants’ life goals and their support-related needs. The plan also contains funding information that is allocated in the form of a budget for each goal. This plan has a start and an expiry date and it typically lasts for one year or in some cases for two to three years.

NDIS plan document provides overall direction in term of budget utilization and what supports can be purchased that is directly related to the participant’s needs. Similar to managing your savings account in your day-to-day life, the NDIS plan budget needs to be managed so that the funds last until the expiry of your plan, ensuring continuity of your services until your plan expiry. Managing this budget can be daunting for some and definitely requires you to have some financial and bookkeeping skills in order to do it correctly.

Managing your NDIS Plan

During your NDIS planning meeting, your planning officer from NDIA will ask the participant to select from one of the three options to manage your plan. You may select one of the below options that best suits you -

1. Plan Manage your plan – In this option, a service provider who is a plan manager and is a registered provider with NDIA manages your plan. When you select this option, you can choose both registered and unregistered providers, thereby giving you much greater flexibility to use your funding yet having full control over the plan usage.

Your plan manager will also help you with the management and solving the queries relating to your plan besides just paying all the bills and invoices. Plan managers are equipped with processes and tools and skilled at doing paperwork and record-keeping relating to plan payments that otherwise would have been done by you.

Some plan managers can also teach and build your financial skills so that you can manage your NDIS plan by yourself at a later stage should you wish to.

This option aims to take away the extra burden and stress, gives you the most flexibility, and is a helping hand within your NDIS journey.