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Can a Personal Trainer be funded by NDIA in my NDIS plan

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

NDIS is a scheme designed to provide funding for support to Australians living with disabilities, helping them build skills and capability to lead a life with full of choices and independence. However, some or many people with disabilities may find physical exercises or fitness programs in a contemporary gym setting slightly out of the norm.

To overcome any such challenges, Personal training support along with an exercise physiologist can be funded in your NDIS plan, so that a participant can improve fitness levels and participate in the community or simply build their physical capacity to be more independent.

Suppose you are an NDIS participant and have a goal for fitness or physical agility. In that case, the funding can be made available in your NDIS plan under the Capacity Building – Improved Health and wellbeing category. Speak to your support coordinator or LAC to discuss your health goals in your NDIS planning meeting.

IF funding is made available for physical training sessions, it can support and assist NDIS participants to:

Use mainstream fitness services: The services available can assist with daily activities including mobility, balance, stability, body awareness, strength, and education. A personal trainer may help you with each training session, beneficial to the client with disabilities in achieving their physical well-being or fitness goals.

Be More Active within the Community: According to NDIS guide, the supports can be made available to you either individually or in a group of participants or mainstream to maintain and or increase physical mobility or well-being. This can be an opportunity for a participant to be more active and participate within the community by being a member or part of the local gym and an opportunity for meeting people and making new connections within the community.

For participants trying to find the right support facility, it is worthwhile to search online or check with your support coordinator to help you find training facilities, fitness centers, and gymnasiums with appropriately skilled staff and resources to cater to your individual disability related goals. This may include ample space, accessibility, easy access to equipment, lighting, the right music, and disability parking space. In addition to the participant, the facility should be accessible to trainers, carers, and parents alike.

Personal trainers working with NDIS participants are active within networks and connected to professionals working with NDIS participants. These include NDIS plan managers, medical and other health professionals, local area coordinators, as well as family members.