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Social and Community Participation in NDIS

Compassionate, friendly, supportive, and professional support by local carers.

We can assist you to explore, plan and participate in activities of your interest.

Social and recreation activities are one of the most important supports under the NDIS and a roadmap for NDIS to achieve one of its objectives which is to support people with a disability to achieve independence for social, community and economic participation.

Participation in social and recreational activities is an integral part of us humans and the more we become socially active, it relieves boredom, boosts our energy, reduces isolation, and positively affects our well-being.

Social and recreational activities are part of everyday life - these are activities we may do for fun or to improve our health and well-being. These supports and activities can also help you to meet new people, socialize and improve your skills. Under the NDIS, support for social and recreational activities can be funded, for extra help, a person with a disability may need to enable them to take part in the activities of choice.

We at ELS value each individual’s unique need to participate fully and get the most joy, hence we are extremely proactive in developing a supportive environment, that would help you achieve the most out of the outing or activity.

Quality care and friendly support provision is an integral part of our values system, we aim to ensure that you or your loved one with a disability are supported competently not only during the activity but also while travelling to and from so that you feel relaxed and comfortable.

We are different because of our approach

  • Our comprehensive assessment of your needs and application of safety principles while on outings, helps us understand the unique support environment that is required for you to get the most out of your support.

  • Our careful selection and matching of support staff would mean you get locally-based, friendly, and supportive carers ensuring engagement, interaction, and involvement while on outings.

  • Our careful induction process with our staff members, who will support you means you only need to tell us your care needs to us once.

  • We don’t change care staff without consulting you, hence with us, you don’t get surprises. Any changeover of staff is a well-planned, and properly negotiated process.

  • We strictly adhere to NDIS standards, actively working within quality and safeguarding frameworks to ensure sustainability.

​Social Community and Civic participation support can be funded in your NDIS plan under two different categories depending upon the type of support required. These two categories are CORE and CAPACITY BUILDING. 

What is Social and Community Participation?

Assistance with Social and Community Participation (Support Category 1.04) is a funded support category that you may find in your NDIS plan, under Core Supports.

This category of support assists NDIS participants to meet goals relating to participating in the community, and social or recreational activities. These activities may be provided in a center or in a community setting.

For example, this can involve a Care Assistant to support you to travel to and attend a music concert, an appointment, or a social group.


Circle of people

With ELS support, you can try new things and activities. We’ll work with you to create a mix of supports that encourage and help you to:

  • socialize with your peers 

  • build relationships

  • increase your skills, capacity, and confidence 

  • be part of the community

  • think "outside the box" about the support you want and need.

Examples of some of these social and community activities under the core funding category may include:

  • Going to personal development courses

  • Be a member and/or join a social group

  • Go for an outing or a holiday

  • Go on a holiday tour

  • Go shopping, or visit your local hub, club, or library

  • Go to watch a movie or a concert, and/or

  • Attend community events.

Our experienced staff will take the time to listen to what you want to do and work with you to create a mix of services focused on those experiences.

Support under this funding category can also be provided in a centre or a group setting. Rates for this may vary from individual rates and will be based on staff: participant ratio.


The same category of support can be used when one of your goals is to obtain a job in a supported employment setting and/or if you are attending a supported employment work site. Your supported employment provider may provide you with the support to build the skill in your chosen field of interest and may charge against this category of support funded in your Ndis plan.

Mother and Daughter Having Fun

What is Increased Social and Community Participation   NDIS funding?

This category of support assists an ndis participant to participate in activities such as tuition, coaching, any type of skill building such as art classes, sports coaching, and similar activities that build skills and independence. Like every capacity-building support category, the funds you receive for ‘Increased Social and Community Participation’ must help you build your skills, not just access activities. 

There are two NDIS categories that provide support to help you participate in your community.

The first is in your core support budget that we discussed above, and those items help pay for the ongoing support you need for community participation. For example, if you need a support worker to go with you so you can attend community classes, you’ll use your core support budget. 

The second category is in your capacity-building budget, which is similar to a core category, but the activities you choose for this budget must have a skill-building component. Capacity-building supports help you participate in activities that specifically increase your skills and independence, making it easier for you to participate in similar activities in the future. 

Being part of one of the sub-categories within the Capacity Building funding category, this funding line item is for participants who have a goal to increase their independence in participating in their community and in social activities.

a carer assisting an elderly person

How to get Increased Social and Community Participation in your NDIS plan?

To receive the funding for Increased Social and Community Participation in your NDIS plan, you’ll need to have goals in your plan that are related to increasing the skills you need to participate in community activities. This can be as simple as a goal for making new friends, which will enable you to use this budget for activities like attending a camp or group recreational activity.


It is important that you make a note of the challenges you currently face in carrying out certain social activities or any hindrances you may be facing in doing certain types of activities but having the appropriate supports in place will help build and develop your independence. If deemed reasonable and necessary, your LAC or NDIS planner will approve you having Increased Social, and Community Participation in your NDIS plan.

How we provide skill-building support to ndis participants under Increased Social and Community Participation?  

We focus on carefully selecting care staff with the skill set and capabilities that support you.​We achieve this through adequate planning and assessment of your needs and preferences.


Our experienced staff takes the time to listen during the assessment process, we focus on what you want to do and work with you to create a mix of services.​​​We have a strong belief in providing services that are person-centred, supportive, safe, and friendly.​


We tailor the support in the most person-centred way that will enable you to achieve your social and skill-building goals to the fullest.​Our training and induction processes ensure that the support staff who are caring for you are adequately skilled, trained, informed about your needs, and provide you with the service quality that you will like.


​​Being matched with the right support people makes all the difference. We make sure you feel comfortable and get along well with your support person and an active team working in the background to ensure that you progress towards your chosen goal for skill building.​


For more details on the type of activities funded under increased social and community participation support and its pricing types, read our latest article on CB support.

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