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Our Today and Tomorrow as ELS

Dear Reader

I am writing this email today to share with you a little update about Envisioning Life Supports. I have kept it very small and simple, and I would humbly request you to spend just 3 minutes of your time in reading the below, as it matters a lot for WE as ELS. I will very briefly discuss with you - why we exist, what is our current progress and what we hoping for in future. The primary reason for me writing today is taking the very first step, that is one of the many bold steps to come. I very strongly believe that a key to a successful Organisation is where all the members and employees within the Organisation share a common vision and are connected. Connecting mean every person knowing exactly what is our current situation, where are we heading in terms of our future goals and where can we as a member contribute towards the future of the Organisation. While we were brainstorming solutions which could have connected all of us, we came across this brilliant platform that will assist to publish our updates quite regularly, smartly and will be a means for staying more connected with you all. So let me tell you why ELS exist:- ELS was started with a great vision in mind. A Vision that will be a step towards eradicating health inequalities in poorer nations of the world. I know it is a big thought which may possibly be hard to achieve and i am aware it is a dream but success is possible by hard work and honesty. What is our progress so far at ELS:- Last month we had Auditors who came to audit our processes, skills of staff, capacity and quality of our Organisation. In that Audit meeting, we made a proposal to expand ELS in to new areas of support delivery and thereby creating an opportunity for all of us to grow. More support will mean more work for us as employees, more commitment, more passion, more joy to serve our clients in a better way. Hence, I would like to congratulate you all to have supported ELS in many ways, as we were successful in passing the Audit. A Summary of these approved supports includes - 1. 24*7 Support in our new ELS Group Homes 2. Providing assistance with personal support needs in clients home 3. Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology supports 4. Providing assistance with Travel, Social and Community Participation 5. Plan Management (Accounting for clients) 6. Support Coordination (Assisting clients with Navigating NDIS Systems) 7. Household Tasks (Cleaning, Gardening and Cooking) Finally what is our focus for our upcoming six months - ELS is marketing through various channels to let clients and professionals in the sector know that we can provide services to our clients in more ways then before. We are promoting our Organisation in the sector, with a confidence on our Expertise and on the skills of our wonderful and brilliant staff like you. Our start may be a little slower but our future is bright and busy. For all of us who are waiting eagerly for a busy time, i am assuring that the busy time is coming - just stay connected. So in future, you will receive more updates from me. I have thought to start these email campaigns as it may assist us to stay connected and we at ELS can share topics with you, that includes any sector related updates, stories, Ideas or other wealth of information as relevant. Lastly, I thank you all again for being with us, having given your skills, time and energy to us and to be a part of ELS. Congratulations again for our today's success that we achieved together as ELS. If you have any queries or would like to discuss anything relating to this article please feel free to contact me on Shoeb Patel Founder & Managing Director ELS - Disability Support Provider Organisation 0449 786 196

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