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8 COVID Safety Tips for disability providers, staff and ndis participants

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

At Els as a registered NDIS provider, the safety of our staff and ndis participants is our first priority and we take it very seriously. So, we thought to write 8 simple tips below providing a summary for the ndis providers, their staff to manage their safety, and the ndis participants safety who they support.

  • According to the World health organization, it is advisable to drink hot water throughout the day. Eat hot or properly cooked food as coronavirus can't thrive/survive in hot temperatures.

  • Avoid canned, container food. Be cautious before eating seafood and follow food safety measures.

  • Try to keep a hand sanitizer with you all the time. Use it on occasion while traveling by public transport.

  • Wear face masks in public places and even while traveling on trains.

  • While using lifts in hospitals or in public areas, try to use gloves or sanitize your hands.

  • Wash hands after coming home and going to bed. Clean your car air filter and sanitation are required every alternative day if you use your car on daily basis.

  • Sanitation in your home is a must on daily basis, if you are unable to do so because of your disability, ask your support staff member to assist you or do it for you.

  • Finally, wash your hands always before you eat or drink anything.

Most importantly, keep the