CORONAVIRUS - Safety Tips for you and the people with Disabilities you support

  • According to World health organization it is advisable to drink hot water throughout the day. Eat hot or properly cooked food as corona virus can't thrive/survive in hot temperature.

  • Avoid caned, container food. Be cautious before eating sea food and follow food safety measures.

  • Try to keep a hand sanitizer with you all the time. Use it on occasion while traveling in a public transport.

  • Wear face mask at public places and even while traveling in trains.

  • While using lifts in hospitals or in public areas, try to use gloves or sanitize your hands.

  • Wash hand after coming home and going to bed. Clean your car air filter and sanitation required every alternative day if you use car on daily basis.

  • Sanitation in your house is must on daily basis.

  • Finally, wash your hands always before you eat or drink anything.

Written by Rahul Desai

BMS, MBA (International Business)

Rahul brings the trifecta of perspectives to his work at ELS, with an extensive educational background in the management and business sphere

Rahul is a Business professional with a caring heart. He is extremely passionate about creating a society that includes, values and amplifies the voice of people with disabilities and frail aged. He is known for finding hidden business opportunities and providing insights into the things that matter in disability.

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