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What is NDIS

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a national funding scheme to fund the support needs for people with disability In Australia. The scheme was introduced in 2013 and is designed to put person with a disability at the centre of all decision makings relating to their supports.

With the funding provided under NDIS, a wide range of supports are funded aimed to assist a person to live as independently as possible and achieve their goals.

A person with a disability can then choose registered NDIS providers like us to provide them the required supports.


Needs and goals of each and every person with a disability is assessed and then a tailored individual plan is created to assist in achieving personal goals.

Envisioning Life Supports is an

NDIS registered provider for disability supports 

How to apply to become a participant in NDIS?


If you are under 65 years of age and an Australian Citizen or permanent resident and have a permanent disability that has a functional impact on your daily life; you may be considered eligible for access to the scheme. To find out if you qualify visit the NDIS website.

To obtain access to the scheme you will need to contact the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) at 1800 800 110 or and request an Access Request Form to be mailed out to you.


If you have health conditions and are under 65 but are deemed ineligible for NDIS by NDIA, and If you have gone through some surgeries or temporary impairment that is impacting your daily life and need assistance for your daily activities – see this link for other programs available that can support you - SASH

What are the next steps once my NDIS plan is approved?

Once your plan is approved and in place, you’ll most likely want to receive support right away. The process is straightforward – ring our number 1300 323 399 and let our Support Team know what support services you are interested in.

Our team can also assist you in understanding more about your plan, and provide you with further information. Alternatively, learn more about our disability support services online.

We can then assist you by speaking to you, meeting you face to face, building a care plan, preparing a quote, and getting your support started. For more information, contact us today.

NDIS registered

NDIS Registered 

Provider No - 4050027951

What is the NDIS Plan review process?

The NDIA will contact you towards the end of your plan to arrange a review meeting. This meeting allows you to review your current support goals and provide feedback where necessary.


Depending on your preference, a plan review can be done face-to-face or over the phone.

You are welcome to bring along or include a family member, friend, advocate or other people in the call when your plan is reviewed.

More information about renewing your plan can be found on the NDIS website.


Also, we have developed a blog with a simple explanation of the plan review steps, available from here – my ndis plan review

What is the NDIS price benchmarks for support?

The NDIA sets price benchmarks for certain NDIS supports. The price changes are done to ensure that NDIS participants obtain reasonable value for money and to respond to market trends and changes in costs. The Annual Price Review cycle to determine prices occurs each year and the NDIA releases an updated NDIS Price Guide and Support Catalogue effective July each year or mid-year.

Key updates effective 1 July 2020 include:


Before any new price is claimed by providers, both participant and provider must discuss and agree to new proposed changes. From the time the agreement is accepted by both parties, providers can start to charge and claim new prices.

For more information, visit NDIS price guides.

How to apply for NDIS
Disability Supports

NDIS Plan review FAQ -


Do I need to talk to my providers about my new plan?

When you have completed your plan review, it is important that you talk to your support coordinator, and other providers you receive services from. This is to discuss the length of your new plan and goals. You may also need to rediscuss your existing Service Agreement and renew it so that your services do not stop. Your current support will not be impacted during the plan review period.

If you wish to make any changes to your plan, you can discuss this with your LAC or your Support Coordinator. For any changes to your existing supports, you may wish to discuss this with your support coordinator or directly with the service provider.

Things to know about NDIS plan review

For people aged 7 to 65 years, plan reviews will generally be conducted by a Local Area Coordinator (LAC) or a National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) planner. Plan reviews will be done in different ways including face-to-face meetings, zoom online video calls or over the phone.

To find out more about the role of LAC, visit the NDIS website.

For a more simple explanation of the plan review steps, available from here – my ndis plan review


How will I be notified about the outcome of my plan review?

Once you have the approval for your new NDIS plan, your new plan details and funding will be updated in the NDIS myplace participant portal.

A copy of your new plan will be sent to you either by email or post.

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