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If your enquiry is relating to your service related needs, following guide can assist you to streamline your query. 

how to contact us

1. Write a List

Write a list of care needs and how you expect them to be met. Unclear ideas such as ‘personal care’ are not as useful as clear statements like ‘assisting with washing, dressing and applying ointment for dry skin’. If there are certain tasks or errands that need to be done in a certain way, be sure to include them.

how to contact us

2. Check the List

Check this list with other people, including friends and/or family members familiar with your situation. You may be missing some obvious points that did not come to mind.

how to contact us

3. Highlight Key Points

Be sure to prepare and highlight all the key points when you start discussing the specific requirements with our representative. This helps them to do a shortlist of carers who can really meet the stated needs.

how to contact us

4. Get in Touch

Once you have a clear understanding of the needs and expectations for the care, give us a call and include all the information you can. The more we know about your or your loved ones caring needs, the more supportive and personalised care we can offer.

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