Volunteering under NDIS - A Sinking Boat?

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Traditionally Organisations in Australian Non for profit Disability Sector, run/lead volunteer programs to offer human services. Undoubtedly, there was a genuine need for such programs, as it not only was making it affordable for Organisations to provide more services with less funding but also extraordinarily contributed to the overall culture of an Organisation.

With NDIS, the sector has seen improvements in funding and the providers can claim for every episode of service and the reform is great as we can now offer more services due to the advent of funding in the NDIS plans and it offers choice and control however is it true that the change led almost all Organisations to tweak their strategies to rethink as a business, including many charities in operation.

Considering that the scheme undoubtedly gives the advantage of readily available funding for both participants of the scheme and the Organisations willing to provide services, an important question that arises here is – are we completely forfeiting the volunteering model for front-line service delivery with an assumption that it is less likely to fit in this new model or that it is not required anymore.

As most of us who volunteered in the sector, we are aware o the engagement and the connection the volunteering model brings to the culture of services in disability and aged care sectors. Undeniably, we may still be volunteering to much extent at different levels, however, is it not true - that we are more focused on the business models?

Some question to think -

Is it going to be a slowdown of a rich volunteering culture in Australian disability sector for front-line service devliery?

What changes are we expecting for future of volunteering in disability sector under NDIS?

Are the Organisations still keen to deliver services for people with Disability in conjunction with volunteers?


Are the participants encouraged to use any volunteer services?

If so, what steps we are taking, to nurture Volunteering in Disability sector at all?

What if there is a slowdown in NDIS funding due to some unpredictable changes in Australian politics?

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