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NDIS Price Guide update - Major implications for SIL providers

New and updated ndis price guide 20-21 is now live on the NDIS website. Some of the key highlights about the document is as below

  • New & improved layout for the #price #guide, much refined & easy navigation. Interestingly support catalogue is now only available in CSV format, which is great and exactly how it has to be. Much of the information around pricing rules and descriptions within the old support catalogue are moved back in to the price guide as it used to be. Overall impressive new way of looking at price guide and catalogue conjointly.

  • psychosocial recovery coach - a new line item available. Great work and this is clearly that Agency thought to offer more support to people with #psychosocial #disability

  • #SIL - replacing current quotation process & setting price limits for SIL supports. Hence agency is moving back to its old ways of doing things. This used to be the case in early years of NDIS, when SIL pricing were originally listed and capped under set price guide limit rates. It seems like the move is to offset the increased administrative burden at both provider and ndia side and to refine approval process that was often cloggy and time consuming.

  • ILO (Individualised living option) - two new line items to give alternative living arrangement option to people with disabilities. ILO opens exciting new range of possibilities than conventional SIL models. ILO provides more options and is built around individual choice Options. It can certainly be a choice for a person who is looking for living in his or her own way. Can be moving out of family home or unsettled in the current living arrangement whether it be in a group home or a place where you cannot call it your home for any reason.

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