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There's never been a better time to get Online

A Free Australian Government Initiative

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be connected

Envisioning Life Supports partnering with

Be Connected to deliver this funded activity

To Australians aged 50+ for Free. 

We are proud to announce this activity program that is one small step in the direction of Our Vision.


Discover how being online can add new skills and experience to your life. 

About Be Connected Program


Be Connected is a free Australian Government Initiative helping you to get the most out of going online.


Be Connected can help you –

  • learn the basics and realise the full potentials of going online

  • be safe while your're online

  • talk to or see family and friends who live far away, more often

  • find new or old friends who share your interests and hobbies

  • keep up to date with whats happening in your community and around the world

  • learn how to shop online, safely and securely, without leaving home

And that's just the start. 

The sessions will run as a 1 Hour group activity in Western Sydney area.

It is advisable to bring your own device (tablet or laptop) that you are comfortable working on, if you have one.


Let us know during RSVP - if you do not have one, so that we can organise it for you. 


Due to Covid 19 restrictions the number of spots will be limited to 5 people per face to face session only.

We can also provide this one on one at your suitable venue.


Full Factsheet can be downloaded from link HERE