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NDIS News 

5. Released 4 January 2021 - By NDIS Commission


National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Worker Screening is starting in Victoria and other Australian states and territories on 1 February 2021.


NDIS Worker Screening will help to protect people with disability from harm.


Who needs an NDIS Clearance?

All workers engaged by a registered NDIS provider in a risk assessed role will need to have an NDIS Clearance or meet the transitional arrangements from 1 February 2021. This includes sole traders who are considered to be an NDIS provider and employee for the purposes of the NDIS Check.

After 1 February 2021, all new workers in risk assessed roles for registered NDIS providers will need to have an NDIS Clearance before they can start working in that role.

How do I apply?

You can apply for your NDIS Check online at Service Victoria from 1 February 2021. The proposed fee for an NDIS Check is $119.40. The NDIS Check is valid for 5 years.

What documents do I need to apply?

For your application, you will need at least 3 different identity documents, including one commencement document such as an Australian passport. You will also need a smart phone with a camera to confirm your identity.

4. Released 25 November 2020 - By NDIA


Have your say to shape the future of NDIS

NDIA have released consultation papers to hear from you about the changes NDIA is making to ensure the NDIS scheme to be simpler, faster, fairer and more flexible.

Have your say in delivering these improvements so that they work for everyone. 

What NDIS is consulting on –


  1. Access and eligibility policy for independent assessments – For more details CLICK HERE


  • How independent assessments will be used to help determine eligibility for the NDIS

  • When people might be exempted from completing an independent assessment

  • What information people applying to access the NDIS will have to provide as part of the access process 

  • How we will remove the access lists used during the transition to the NDIS 

  • The process for eligibility reassessments 


   2. Planning policy for personalised budgets and plan flexibility – For more details CLICK HERE


   3. Supporting young children and their families early, to reach their full potential – For More details CLICK HERE


  • The age group best suited to receive early childhood services and whether this should be changed from under seven years of age, to under nine years 

  • How independent assessments will be used to determine eligibility and budgets for participants over 12 months of age

  • Short Term Early Intervention (STEI), which is the early support that is offered whether or not a child is eligible for the NDIS 

  • Planning and implementation of best practice supports

  • Support for young children and families to transition to the next stage of their lives, if they are no longer eligible for the NDIS.


To submit your inputs to these improvements link – CLICK HERE

Submissions close at 10.00am ADST Tuesday 23 February 2021.

3. Released 01 October 2020 - By NDIA


NDIS guide for Plan Management Support was released on 01 October 2020


Guide gives clear information how plan management supports a quality experience and improved outcomes for participants and: 

  • helps participants to understand what to expect from plan management

  • explains the roles, responsibilities and activities of plan management providers

  • outlines the broader system plan management providers operate under.

The release of this Guide is a vtial and much needed step providing guidance on the roles, responsibilities and activities of plan management providers.

Demand for plan management has grown and 40% of participants now choose to use plan management services.


Main takeaways include -  

  • F2F or online meeting made compulsory for initial setup of plan management services

  • Release of Easy English Read version of Plan Management guide for participants

  • Guide on changing plan managers in the middle of the plan.

  • Clarity around end dates of Invoice processing, thereby calrifying responsibility between new and old plan manager with past and new invoies received.

  • Clarity on roles and responsibilities of plan manager as a registered NDIS service provider including promptness, integrity and adherence to NDIS code of conduct while providing services.

More details and the access to guide is from this link - HERE

2. Released 7 September 2020 - By NDIA


Based on a thorough review of existing functional assessment tools and practices the tune review recommended a new approach to assessments. As a result, a new NDIS functional capacity assessment framework is released by NDIA on 7 September 2020. The idea is to address issues that are currently faced including - 

  • Cost as a barrier for people with disability

  • Improve quality, consistency and transparence of decision made by NDIA

  • Better decision making directed for better outcomes for the goals of the participants.

NDIS CEO Mr Hoffman said Independent Assessments were first recommended by the Productivity Commission, at the Scheme’s inception & more recently by the NDIS Act Review (Tune Review),and were also announced as part of the Minister’s Plan for the NDIS in November 2019. More details - HERE

1. Released 28 August 2020 - By NDIA


Big News - Minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme, Stuart Robert today announced the most substantial package of reforms to the NDIS since its establishment.  
These reforms will help deliver on the promise of the NDIS – to provide people with a permanent and significant disability true choice and control over a flexible support package to achieve their goals. More Info HERE

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