Our Team at ELS

Managing Director

Shoeb has a deep passion to support the community. 


Shoeb describes himself as -


A Visionary, Founder, A Manager, having extensive experience in Disability & Aged Care, and has a strong academic background in Aged Care Management, Business Studies, and General Management.

Highly Skilled in Not-for-profit Administration, Business & Finance, Audit compliance, Project management, Volunteer Management, and Mentoring teams. 

Extremely passionate about creating a society that includes, values, and amplifies the voice of people with disabilities and Frail aged.

"I am highly Interested in developing ambitious service delivery models and sustainable organizational structures in public health sector." 

Community Engagement & Operations

Mairead has worked in the Community Services sector for approximately 35 years.


Mairead's experience is across a vast range of roles including direct care, coordination, management - adult & children’s disability programs, policy, training (staff and volunteers), behavioral implementation, and aged care.  Mairead has a strong focus on giving people with disabilities the opportunity to participate in every aspect of daily living, promoting independence and community integration for each individual.

Mairead is particularly passionate about and committed to providing families with suitably matched, reliable, caring, and competent staff or volunteers who will provide excellent quality care and support.

"Now after many years of educating myself and working within larger Organisations, I now find myself on the next part of my journey with ELS.  We are a team of like-minded ethical people who will always put the individual and their family first."   

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Plan Management & Support Coordination

Sanita is a people person with a deep passion to help those in need.


Sanita's expertise lies in the field of Finance and Community Services and has been associated with a variety of different community organizations in a number of roles. Sanita was actively engaged in various Community fund-raising events to help people living with a disability and also in the area of mental health.

Wanting to follow her passion, Sanita made a big move from Finance to the Community Services sector in 2013. Ever since she has worked in one of the most well renowned Community Service organizations. During this period, Sanita has engaged with and contributed to meet client’s social needs, their well-being, providing cognitive stimulation through a range of activities and connectedness to reduce their isolation.

"I have committed myself to enrich the lives of our Australian community, aiming to provide person-centered care thereby enabling people with disabilities to live an ordinary life.

I am very excited to be on this journey of mine with ELS, to provide care and support to our clients accessing our Services.

As part of ELS, I endeavor to achieve success for all our participants. My commitment is not to tick the boxes but to make a genuine difference in people’s lives."