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Cleaning Lady

NDIS Domestic Assistance

We understand how difficult it is to keep things organized when you or someone you care for, has a disability.


It feels like a never-ending task, that is why we have friendly, helping and caring cleaning crew assisting with your cleaning needs.

As an NDIS registered service provider, we listen to the stories of so many NDIS participants. We very well know that having a disability and keeping on top of daily house chores is hard and need a lot of effort.  With the help of a good support network, things are easier.


We at ELS take pride in delivering the best service with our friendly and helpful cleaning staff. Our staff is well inducted to provide you with assistance in a comfortable manner.


Our people have the right expertise in house maintenance tasks ensuring that your cleaning and gardening needs are met in a quick and easy manner.

What is Assistance with Household tasks?

According to NDIS  guidelines, it is the provision of support to enable the participant to maintain their home environment. This may involve undertaking essential household tasks that may include -

Housecleaning and similar tasks.

Meal planning, preparation and cooking.

Banking and shopping.

Home and yard maintenance.

Assistance with specialised equipment for household tasks.

Individualised training/skill development in domestic tasks.

meal preparation support ndis
Cleaning Ladies

About our Service -

We strictly adhere to NDIS Code of conduct and the NDIS rules. We have a strong commitment to providing services that satisfy you in the best possible manner.

A carefully planned support that is discussed and provided in a way that will make you feel relaxed and assist you to keep your home nice and neat.

We would strive to provide you with a support staff that is friendly and can understand your needs. 

Shopping Assistance & Meal Preparation -

We can also assist you with shopping assistance - whether it be doing it online or accompanying you to the shops together.


We can also assist if you wish us to do the shopping on your behalf.


We can assist you to prepare meals and share with you the new recipes or can cook your favorite ones! We can also assist you to prepare meals in big quantities.

We can do all the house chores for you such as General cleaning, laundry, gardening, or other household activities.

We can support you for as minimum as two hours per week to several hours per day, with proper planning on how much help you need with these tasks.

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