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NDIS Skill Building Activities for people with disabilities

An acitivty program for NDIS participants to build digital skills

A Progam designed by Envisioning Life Supports


We are proud to announce this activity program that is one miniature step towards achieving Our Vision.

Envisioning Life Supports provides services to people with disabilities, and aims to build Innovative models of support in healthcare space and is destined to address the gaps that help build a more inclusive society

This activity will be facilitated & delivered by Suitably skilled and experienced staff members.

CB activity support

About Design Fundamentals


Design fundamental is tailored to be an interesting ndis capacity building program activity for NDIS Participants who love technology. This program aims to be specifically catering for the needs of people with Disabilities.


We are keen to develop this program at various skill level that teaches very basics and is designed in a way that it is easy and simple for people with disabilities to learn and develop their hobby or passion in to some skill.


Technology learning program

The Activities will cover –

  • Designing arts and graphics using online platforms.

  • SEO and how SEO works with Google and other search engine optimisation basics.

  • Basics of Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin.

  • Basics of Blogging including Idea generation, Keyword search and optimisation, up to posting online.

  • Basics of Website platforms, Domains and how to sign up and start a website.


The sessions can be organised as 1:1 support or we can run it as a group activity for 5 clients together. 

The client needs to have their own computer/electronic device for the above activities.

This activity fits in the category of NDIS capacity-building support


Activities under this program can be funded from the NDIS funding within your NDIS plan from the following categories -

09_009_0117_6_3 -  Skills Development and Training 1:1 support - Standard

04_104_0125_6_1 - Community Participation Activities 1:1 support - Standard

04_141_0136_6_1 - Group Activities In the Community - 1:5 support - Standard

Reference - Page 81 – 83 under new price guide rules 2019-20; NDIS price guide link below -


To know more or to register for this activity program, ring us on 1300 323 399 or email on

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