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Disability Employment Support

Are you looking for a job but dont kow where to start. Do you wish to learn new skills to progress in work. 


Achieving your employment goals is not too difficult with the right support.


We can help. Develop skills you need to be independent in life.

What is Employment Support under NDIS?

Do you have a disability? Are you aspiring to have a career, learn new skills or be in an employment that makes you independent?


Achieving your employment goals is never too difficult with the right support.

When it comes to employment, every Individual has different goals and have full right to choose the work they prefer. NDIS provides you total flexibility by offering you the choice and control, allowing you to choose a support provider that can assist you with Finding and Keeping a Job.


So, what does it look like when it comes to supports that can be funded within your NDIS plan, to achieve your work-related goals in life. 

NDIS funding can help you with things such as –

Assistance in overcoming employment barriers;

counselling to successfully engage in employment;

workplace assessments;

resume writing assistance; and

support before and during a job interview.

We Understand your needs very well -

If you are not sure where to start, it is important to do some homework and try to answer few simple questions below. It may give you an idea of what your current skills are and shed more clarity on what your future goals look like.

  • Do you already have skills, qualifications or work experience in a specific field?

  • Are you looking to develop a new skill? And what areas are of interest to you?

  • Do you have any hobbies, that may lead you in to a Job opportunity or a business venture?

  • Are you able to travel on your own, or with assistance to the place of your work? If not, what supports you may need to reach to your place of destination.

Put as much detail in your answers and once ready, you can then speak to your LAC or support coordinator so as to put thoughts in to action.

Our Employment Services

Finding and Keeping Job Supports

Whether it's finding a new career, getting help applying for a job or starting your own business, we can help.

We provide School Leaver Employment Services that help you transition from school into the workplace

Not sure about a bill you've got? Don't know how to set up a direct debit or manage your NDIS plan funding? We can help you develop skills to run your own finances.

Private Tutoring
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NDIS Registered 

Provider No - 4050027951

If you have just completed year 12 or are nearly finishing, we can support you in your career Journey.


We can assist you -

Support Coordination Experts

Before the job

  • Resume/ cover letter writing

  • Job searching

  • Extra assistance in the workplace

  • Interview training

  • Finding the right workplace for you

Work experience/ Volunteering

  • Hands on experience

  • Support in the workplace

  • Specific skill development

  • Placements in industry of choice

How to keep a job

  • Work place expectations

  • Professionalism training

  • Workplace communication

  • How to become part of the workplace team

  • Dealing with workplace feedback and discipline

  • Working with different personalities

  • What employers want

  • WHS

  • HR – Tax file number, pay-slips, rosters, super and wages

It’s important to remember that finding the right job for you can take time, especially if you’re not entirely certain on the field you would like to explore. A great opportunity to gain more insight into finding the right job for you or to develop a new skill while you search for work, is participating in volunteer work.

Downloadable Content -

ELS Employment Support Brochure - Download Here 

Our Job Ready Program - Download Here 

For more details on types of Employment Support and other important information check our latest blog. Link Here

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