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Everything to know about the NDIS plan review process?

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Working within the NDIS space as a quality provider of disability services, we often get to hear this question from our clients and they seem to be very much in the dark when it comes to changing something in their NDIS plan.

So, let’s begin with some basics. I am sure that those who are connected to NDIS in some way definitely know about what an NDIS plan is, but for those who are new to NDIS, it is a document that contains important information for a person with a disability. This includes their personal profile, short-term and long-term goals in life, and the funds that are allocated to achieve those goals. This plan has an expiry date and is typically for a duration of one year.

Once the planning meeting is completed by NDIA, the plan is then activated and a plan copy is sent to you.

So, since we discussed the NDIS plan, let’s move on to our main discussion "how to make a change to your plan - if you are unhappy with the way it is funded. ELS considers it quite important, that a person with a disability or their family member must know how to make a change to their NDIS plan.

Why would a change be needed for a new NDIS Plan?

So true - if the new plan is received, and has gone through proper assessment and planning process by NDIA, you may expect that the plan should be accurate based on the evidence provided, then why would someone wish to make a change again.

Well, there can be a few reasons-

1. We have met participants who have received a new NDIS plan only to find out, that it came about slightly or sometimes widely different from their expectations. We know that this is not a good feeling at all as you and your family or your support coordinator may have put in so much effort in your last planning meeting and it feels so exhausting to go over it again.