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NDIS Tools & Resources - Free to Download

We at ELS created the above tools for two essential NDIS support categories - plan management and support coordination and to share with fellow professionals who are either - 

  • New to NDIS and ​have just started providing services to people with disabilities, as plan managers and/or support coordinators and do not wish to buy an expensive piece of software technology for NDIS services at this stage.

  • Experienced professionals who are simply searching or admire having some sort of sophisticated yet simple data tracking tools/techniques for plan management and support coordination.

We developed them based on our hands-on experience working with clients as we very well understand the challenges faced by a support coordinator and a plan manager on a day-to-day basis in providing great client support.

With our expertise in plan management and support coordination, we made the tools really simple. It can help you record critical and important information and is a one-stop tool - that can make your job stress free by worrying less about the background office work by simply inputting your client-related data into the respective tools and letting the tool take care of complex data monitoring and data storage so that you can focus on your clients ndis goals as you work with your ndis participant.

These tools can be operated by using Microsoft excel and hence no need to worry or take the hassle of any complex computer application process such as software downloading and installation. Simply download, save, and feed the data for each ndis participant and be ready to go.

To help other fellow plan managers and support coordinators who are new to the field and want to use our tracking tools, these are made available for free of cost.  

We continuously improve our tools and as we develop more tools we can share them here for our sector to freely use. This is our commitment to give share knowledge and give back to our sector and community freely. If you have comments or suggestions for tools or liked our tools and if it has made your life easier, please leave a comment and/or like us on Facebook or follow our page. We would also love to hear from you, your suggestions to help improve - so you can ring us on our office number 1300 323 399.

Watch this space for more tools to come...

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