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NDIS Plan Managers

Our team at ELS is knowledgeable, friendly, and experienced. 


We can support you with all your ndis plan management needs, giving you the needed confidence in your NDIS Journey...


We get you set up and started in a little time so that you start receiving disability support from your chosen provider without any delay.

What is NDIS Plan Management?

NDIS plan management is one of the other three options to manage your NDIS plan. When you choose

plan management as an option, You get a dedicated plan manager who -

What is the role of NDIS Plan manager?

Every time you receive a service for your disability support needs, a service provider will have to send you an Invoice. When you have a plan manager assisting you with your NDIS plan, this Invoice will be sent to your plan management company.  It is then their responsibility to check the invoice get your approval and then make the payment. Plan Managers are registered NDIS providers able to make claims for your service provider invoices via the NDIS portal.


​Your NDIS plan funds typically last for a period of one year. The total services you commit to in a year must be planned and budgeted in line with your plan funding so that it does not get used up too early or sit there without being used. Hence, it is important that you or someone monitors your plan funding on a regular basis and keeps track of the expenses from your NDIS Plan. 


​NDIS Plan Managers do a great job by not only ensuring that your Invoices are paid on time but also assisting by keeping track of your spending. Their duty is to do accurate record-keeping and be available to answer your plan and ndis funding-related queries. They can also assist you to find registered ndis providers around you. At the end of each month, they must give you a balance statement to keep you up to date with your plan spending. 


Plan Managers are paid by NDIS with your NDIS Funding. You do not have to pay a plan manager from your own pocket. The funding for plan management service is built within your ndis plan separate from the other funding. To pay your plan manager extra funding will be separately provided to you by NDIS. This funding is separate from your support plan funding. 

What are the different ways to manage your NDIS Plan?

NDIS plan management

1. Plan Managed - A Plan Manager helps you manage part of your plan. 

Agency managed plan

2. NDIA Managed - the NDIA manages your plan for you

Self managed plan

3. Self Managed - you manage your plan by yourself

Three types of plan management options 

During your NDIS planning meeting, you may be asked to choose from three different ways to manage your new NDIS plan 


There are three possibilities below, and you are free to choose one of them - 

ndis plan management
  • Plan managed: Your plan manager manages your plan, pays your invoices, and tracks your budget and expenses. This option reduces your stress as your plan manager will be responsible for all your accounting and budgeting of your plan, which may get very stressful to handle at times. You get the flexibility to choose both NDIS-registered and unregistered service providers. You have a helping hand with all the paperwork, and you have total choice and control.

  • NDIA managed: This option enables you to choose only NDIA registered providers, providers claim directly from NDIA. This means that most of the paperwork is handled for you by the Agency and tracking expenses in your plan is something you may find tedious.

  • Self‐managed: This option has the most paperwork but provides the most flexibility. You directly manage the funds and are responsible for all transactions. You may choose to employ support staff directly and do all the financial transactions or pay an Organisation of your choice to do this on your behalf.

By choosing us as your plan manager  

You can expect everything you need in a plan manager, and more!

ELS Plan management process

We will set you up the same day. We process your submitted invoices within 1-2 business days.

ELS plan management process 2

Authorisation arrangement of your choice, means you save a lot of time approving invoices.

ELS Plan Management process 3

We allocate a dedicated plan manager that understands you and your circumstances.

ELS Plan Management process 4

Experienced and skilled Team. We ensure that your plan is managed in accordance with NDIS guidelines.

ELS Plan Management process 5
ELS Plan Management process 6

You can choose the provider of your choice, even if they are not registered with NDIS.

We can help you connect with NDIS-approved quality service providers that will best serve your needs.

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Our Commitment as your plan managers

We value community spirit and strive to make the NDIS journey as easy as possible for our clients. 


We are passionate about providing a service that is tailored to each individual’s needs and we are committed to making a difference in the lives of those with disabilities.


We are available to answer all your ndis plan-related queries so that you get the best experience, ensuring you feel supported all the time. Our team of experienced professionals are just a phone call away.


We will work tirelessly in the background so that you never worry about your ndis bills not being paid on time, and can focus on achieving your life goals with the support of your ndis plan.

FAQ - NDIS Plan Management



Our fast NDIS payment process guarantee means we pay all Invoices in a maximum of 3 business days or earlier and we are proud of our fast response time, and this also means not just the payment side of things but we aim to solve your NDIS plan-related queries that quickly.


We have sophisticated tools with experts constantly monitoring and tracking your plan spending so that you do not run out of funding too quickly. We keep you updated by sending a report every month. 

Our fast and supportive service to all our existing clients is very much appreciated.

ELS Plan Management

Pays your service provider on time

ELS Plan Management

Helps you keep track of your NDIS funding

ELS Plan Management

Your plan manager is the person you may go to if you have any queries relating to your NDIS plan funding or NDIS price guides.

ELS Plan Management

Keep a record of how you spend your NDIS funding

ELS Plan Management

Help you learn new financial skills so you can be more independent

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