Disability Housing and Accommodation

Are You in Need of Disability Housing and Accommodation

If you are in need of disability housing and accommodation, we would love to help. Here at Envisioning Life Supports, we are a NDIS registered provider who is dedicated to providing support for people with disabilities and frail aged. Our goal is to put people with disabilities at the center of all decision-making relating to their support. 

NDIS provides funding for support, including personal assistance, disability housing and accommodation, career and job-related support and more - which we can help you access.

When it comes to disability housing and accommodations, we will first discuss your home and living goals. We will then come up with a plan which includes the services the NDIS will fund, as well as what you will need to access the housing system. 

Envisioning Life Supports also conducts constant evaluations to fine-tune your support services. We are passionate about assisting disabled people in living independently and achieving their goals.Get in touch, and we'll pair you with a skilled staff member who has the training to help.